QU-001 (Various Sizes) - Exterior Square Quoin (Chamfered Edge, Unstepped)

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The height and width of this type of quoin are equal (available sizes below). They also have a 45 degree chamfered edge where two quoins meet to allow them to butt tightly together. The price listed is for the two pieces that wrap around the edge of the corner.

Dimensions (Select required size from the drop-down list):

Side A: 225mm (high) x 225mm (wide) x 30mm (thick)
Side B: 225mm (high) x 225mm (wide) x 30mm (thick)

Side A: 300mm (high) x 300mm (wide) x 30mm (thick)
Side B: 300mm (high) x 300mm (wide) x 30mm (thick)

Side A: 375mm (high) x 375mm (wide) x 30mm (thick)
Side B: 375mm (high) x 375mm (wide) x 30mm (thick)

Our quoins are supplied in two pieces to be assembled on site. A tiling trowel should be used to completely cover the rear side of the quoin in an adhesive cement. The joint where two pieces meet should be coated in our joint compound before pressing the quoin into place. A corner trowel can be used to tidy up the joint and remove any excess joint compound. Once this is dry the joint can be sanded smooth.

Required products can be found in the accessories section of this website. More detail can be found in our installation guide.



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