STOMIX Company Info

Ever since its establishment the company has leant on the production strategy built upon quality insulation systems (ETICS). This quality is the crucial factor which determines not only the strict choice of suppliers of materials, output control, research and development, new production technologies, but also and mainly the overall organization of the company. In the case of insulation systems the actual application, or if you like the professionalism of the building company carrying out this insulation, is vital. Therefore all customers of our company obtain not only the product itself, but also professional customer service and free assistance through installation advice.

The main production facility is located in the Czech Republic. Other plants can be found in Russia and in the Ukraine. The STOMIX offer includes far more than insulation systems. It includes free services such as consultancy, price calculations, training of building and assembly companies, technological supervision on building sites, assistance with processing of bids and individual approach to each and every company or Homeowner.

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